Showing Up

The tough news is it’s hard to break down barriers.

The Business of Self

If you are a visual artist, you are most likely, the sole proprietor of your business. Whether it’s a sideline gig or a full time concern, an artist who provides goods or services in exchange for payment, is running a business. …

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Moby Dick Herman Melville This is a one of the most astonishing and vigorous works of art ever created.  Melville’s mind penetrates the complexity of the human condition and reveals how easily our souls are captured by our thoughts and…

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Kindergarten and intellectual freedom

OUR FIRST TEACHERS OF PHILOSOPHY ARE OUR FEET, OUR HANDS, AND OUR EYES.  – Johann Pestalozzi Friedrich Froebel invented Kindergarten about 200 years ago in the 19th Century.   As a boy, Froebel apprenticed to a woodsman and spent years…

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It is easy to feel overwhelmed

Being an Artist, is part passion, part vision, part necessity, part love, and a very hard and lonely job nearly all the remaining times. Every day, an artist needs to search for change, respond to it, and see it as…

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The Great Artist Myth

Artists today get it:  If you’re not taking care of your business, your business is not being taken care of. The great 19th and 20th century myth was that artists didn’t know how to take care of their business and…

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Artists are Gazers

Artists are barrier breakers, unhindered by boundaries, explorers of the unknown and the unsaid. Artists are curious about all things “outside of art” and all things inside of themselves. Artists actively seek out new knowledge and nontraditional methods of learning…

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